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Health Problem

Mind is the state of health in which every organ of the body functions effectively without any illness and injury. In fact, the environment in which a person lives is of utmost importance to his health. In astrology, the horoscope consists of twelve houses. Almost all spheres of human life, including health, are controlled by these households. Every house is part of the KAAL male. The first house represents the mind, personality and face, the second house the voice, the third house the hands and chest, the fourth house the heart, and so on. The ill effect of the Malific planets on these houses can create health problems for a specific organ during transport or during a planetary catastrophe. In fact, the sixth house is considered the health home in Vedic astrology. The beneficial or harmful planet on this house determines a person’s health status.

Health Problems Solutions

Careful analysis of the chart can determine not only physical health, but also the state of mind. Mental health problems can include depression, unnecessary tension, seizures, a weakened mind, lack of concentration, obsessive compulsive disorders and many other mental disorders. Ascending and the impact of the Malific planets on the Moon can create such problems. Here you can go through astrology articles that shed light on such issues.Many are lucky enough to meet Pandit Shiva Shankar Ji, who is really critical and in some cases appears regularly ill. Pandit analyzed their horoscope and found their reasons. Most of them have blackmagic spell effects.


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